About Community Learning Center

Pakistan Adventist Seminary is located 60 km west of Lahore on Sargodha Road at Farooqabad Mandi. The institution is located on 35 acres (140,000 m2) of land. Pakistan Adventist Seminary & College (PASC) developed from a small Seventh-day Adventist boys' school founded in 1920. In 1937 it became a co-educational institution with the integration of the seventh-day Adventist girls' school. Steady growth followed as students came in from all parts of the Punjab and North West India.

Korean Team Visit at CLC 2017


Gee Sung bae Presidents

To serve the community with the best of our abilities of leadership and leadership & to do the best we can for the community in farooqabad. My Prayers are with CLC School & its Leadership.


Dr.Zubaid Rehmat Khan

Education Professor
Academic Dean Education Method and Philosophy

To lift the standards of education and make CLC School a better place to serve the community of Farooqabad with the best of our abilities and teach them well. With the mission statement of our school we will move forward in Education.

Community Learning Center Staff




study via electronic gadgets are there to facilite our students fully.


Best Tutor

We provide best educational future with the best tutors and highly qualified staff


Practical Training

we provides our best and availing thing are on the table to give the best traning and practical enviroment.

Teachers Seminar

Annual Day 2018 CLC School Record Breaking Marks

What our Students say


Hussnain Fareed

My name is Hussnain Fareed. I am a Software Engineer and Security Researcher at Arfa Software Technology Park Lahore. I did ICS from CLC in 2014, CLC has played a major role in development of my character and knowledge to give me a bright future.


Burhan Qureshi

My name is Burhan Ahmad.I graduated from CLC with a degree Bachelor. Now i am working as Web Developer and Digital marketer in software house (Ezeee.pk)The school provided activities that developed me socially, physically, spiritually, and mentally.CLC gave me a better and brighter future.


Maria Ashraf

My good name is MARIA ASHRAF and i m a student of CLC School my Major subjects arePhysics, Maths & Computers, BSC Honors I served our institution on internship and now i feels proud to become a teacher of high school at CLC School. The school which make me able to face the world , build my educational career, I learnt every essantial thing from this school. I m thankfull of it for all of these.


Junaid Khadim

My name is Junaid Khadim. I am a data entry operator at RHC Farooqabad. I did ICS from CLC in 2014, CLC has played a major role in development of my character and knowledge to give me a bright future.